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Secure your Network Today

A properly secured network is contingent upon the proper design methodology, documented policies and procedures, and continuous monitoring and measurement of the design and implementation effectiveness. The primary objective in developing a security program is to render industrial espionage ineffective by implementing appropriate security measures.


Physical and Environmental Security

Physical security identifies the steps that must be taken to physically secure network and system related equipment from various hostile attacks. Environmental security protects against power outages, failure of temperature control systems, as well as natural disasters.
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Perimeter Security

Perimeter security includes: firewalls, VPN concentrators and routers. Our Innovative Design Portfolio team builds all of these devices to allow authorized traffic in and out based on source and destination addresses and ports.
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Keep Your Company Innovative

Make sure your company is secure at all times. Turn problems into Innovative solutions

Intrusion Prevention Systems

Stop network intruders through enterprise-wide security and custom IPS signatures. Strong network security reduces the loss of information, and increases service availability and confidentiality. Companies that monitor the activities and usage patterns of their network can better adapt to changing conditions and improve productivity. Contact us today to learn how Innovative can give you peace of mind.
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